Верховая палатка

Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tents are designed with a high peak center mast supported by cross cables extending from each corner fitting, maximizing the usable space underneath while at the same time eliminating the need for interior frames or support poles. The simple design allows for easy transportation, storage, and installation involving only two people due to the reduced amount of hardware in comparison to other frame or pole tents.

Dimension Available

Tent Item No.Dimension(m)Dimension(ft)Side height(m)Ridge height(m)Main profile(mm)Wind Load (km/h)Snow Load (Kn/m2)
Square3x3m10ft x 10ft2.5m4m68mm600.3
Square4x4m13ft x 13ft2.5m4.5m68mm600.3
Square5x5m16ft x 16ft2.5m5m68mm600.3
Square6x6m20ft x 20ft2.5m5.5m68mm600.3
Double roof3x6m10ft x 20ft2.5m4m68mm600.3
Double roof6x12m20ft x 40ft2.5m5.5m68mm600.3
Dia 10mDia 33ft2.5m2.5m5.5m68mm600.3
Dia 12mDia 40ft2.5m2.5m5.5m68mm600.3

Material and Quality

FRAMEHard pressed anodized aluminum alloy 6061/T6
ROOF COVER850g/sqm block-out Double PVC coated polyester, Fire retardant, Water Proof
SIDEWA650g/sqm or 850g/sqm PVC; Glass Pannel sidwall, ABS sidewall, Sandwich Wall
CONNECTIONHot Dip Gavanized Steel Connector, Aluminum roof connection

Structure Details


Optional Accessories